A big hand clap to Tagrow Bajaj, Addis Ababa

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Yesterday it was once again a big admin day in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa. After cleaning my shoes a local guide popped into me and I appointed him as my Addis guide for the day. Our 1st mission was to buy a new battery for my motorbike. Unfortunately it was lunch time and most of the shops were closed so we jumped from the one shop to the next without any success. It was quite funny, after a while i realized we are driving around in circles and I reckoned that this guy was quite lost in his own city so I took over the lead and got us to the bike shop. Two bike shops later without any success we accidently arrived at the Tagrow Bajaj shop. The owner of Bajaj Ethiopia was quite impressed with the BIG MODEL 200cc Bajaj. I must add at this point that I’m driving the biggest engine Bajaj motorbike in the whole of Ethiopia. ha ha! Tsigay left his lunch and immediately left his shop to have a look at Amandla. These guys were really so friendly and helpful and offered me 2 batteries of which not one fitted my bike.

Tsigay got on the phone to their dealer in Dubai and immediately ordered me a new battery and a gear Speedo meter free of charge: what a blessing!!

So Tsigay and team, thanks a lot for your hospitality and help: you are sure a great example of the Ethiopians. They even gave me coffee and biscuits and we took a few pictures together.

So my things will arrive from Dubai in 2 days from now and I’m expecting my package from Bajaj south Africa in the next 2 or 3 days.

Current status

In order to get a Sudan 14 day transit visa, the guys need to have proof that you are going to leave the Sudan. So I had to go and get an Egyptian visa 1st, this takes 4 working days and after that my Sudanese visa will only be one day.

Nevell needs a new sprocket for his Kawasaki and you won’t believe it but trying to find parts for a big bike like that in Addis is almost impossible. So he will make a few phone calls today and get it send to Addis. In the mean time i will make a 5 day journey 500km to the east from Addis and go up to Hara. This is a very old city with thick walls built right around the city. The big entertainment at night is to feed Hyenas with meat attached to a stick. I was told that the road to Hara is also very scenic so I’m quite looking forward to the journey starting tomorrow.

i will do this stretch alone and meet Nevell in Addis again. then after I have done all my admin and received all my stuff I will be heading alone to Mekele which is close the Danakil Depression.

I will pay 140USD per day for a 3 day safari into this harsh, dry and blistering hot country

accompanied by 2 guards. 

Nevell do not have a Carnet de Passage (this is a travel document). So he will arrange a few things and pay a lot of money if necessary and this could take a few days. We plan to meet up at Gonder which is in the north west of the country.

Shortly on Addis Ababa: I have never seen a city with so many restaurants and cafes in my life. I think even Bueones Aires falls short of Addis concerning this fact. Addis Ababa means “New Flower” in Ahmaric. I still find it so starnge to eat a 3 course meal, have 2 drinks with desert and only pay R50 (8$).

Cheers vir eers!


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