Riding  alone has the following advantages:

1) You have time for yourself and is not bonded by another person

2) You can travel your own speed and don’t have to worry about another person behind or in front of you

3) You can take rest days whenever and wherever you want

4) You can drive any road you like

5) it’s good for character development and teaches you to handle fear and challenges on your own

6)  You definitely learn more about yourself, your strengths and your weaknesses.

7) it’s a quest you have to accomplish and if you are successful its a solace to the heart

8) You meet so many different and interesting people from all over the world

9) you don’t have to work on a relationship and if the relationship does not work out it is really not enjoyable. You only have to live with yourself.

10) you get a good appreciation for your family and friends as you miss them.

Riding  alone has the following disadvantages:

1) You don’t have that security that if something happens there is another partner for backup.

2) Loneliness, when you are exhausted, sweated and the sun bakes the earth you feel lonely at times. You miss family and friends a lot.

3) You don’t always have someone to share some special moments with but at least I have a website with nice photos which my readers enjoy.

In retrospect I would prefer doing this trip alone, but with my next big trip I would prefer doing it with someone.