To explore our mother continent – Africa – was from childhood a great desire for both of us. To go the different / risky / adventurous route which very few are willing/scared or even able to go is even a greater desire. Our aim is to use an unfamiliar motorcycle in South Africa namely the Bajaj Avenger 200Dtsi from India. The big challenge however is to prove that a tight budget trip through the continent of Africa is possible. Our aim is to feel and be like frontiers, discovering exotic and untamed places where the average tourist does not go. What blessing it must be to travel through Africa with your friend, your motorcycle and minimal equipment? Our vision for the trip is also to help other people, who are trapped in the rat race of these times not to just accept the status quo of growing up, working and dying in South Africa, but to follow their dreams, to break loose out of their comfort zone and experience and live the unknown. How many who would like to take a chance like this really ever does it?

We would also like to invite people who are not physically, or otherwise, able to do an epic trip like this, to follow our journey via telecommunication/email making them part of this challenging trip.

We do not believe for one minute that our trip will entirely be a bed of roses. Our character will be tested to the limit but also be built and strengthened.

To complete a year like this just for the benefit of yourself is ok, but to serve others and help wherever possible will be much more beneficial.

It is anticipated to tour through 16 countries of Africa in a time period of less than a year.

The countries in order of visit are as follows:

South Africa, Namibia, Angola; Zambia; Malawi; Tanzania;Rwanda;Uganda;Kenya; Ethiopia; Sudan; Egypt and then wherever the road takes.

Depending on finances and sponsorship it would be our wish to extend our tour through Europe in order to strengthen the sponsorship for the Jacaranda Children’s house. Our destination would be Svalbardt (Norway) with the aim to complete a tour from Southern Africa to Northern Europe.

A list is given below of all the necessary equipment we need to make our trip possible:

1)      Motorcycle, protective gear (helmet, protective motorcycle clothing and boots), tools and most essential spare parts etc.

2)      Camping gear: small camping stove, good quality Tent, small mattress, good quality sleeping bag, pots for cooking, cutlery, multi purpose knife etc

3)      Navigation and communication equipment: Cell phones and Sim cards with airtime or a satellite phone i.e. Thuraya. Perhaps a satellite tracking device i.e. Tracker or Matrix etc.

4)      Travel Bags: for motorcycle and moon bag.

5)       Clothes: intense cold, heat, wind and rain conditions.

6)      Financial: Visas for the different countries (+-R1000 per Visa per country)

7)      First Aid: Medicines, needles and knives. (list still have to be completed)

Contact details

Zachrys Joubert     0721234455

Andon vd Merwe   0741322037