Riding through Africa is enjoyable. Riding on a motorbike through Africa is dangerous, but an awesome adventure!

One sees the most interesting things on the road:

1) bikes and motorbikes transporting from goats, chickens, 1-4 persons, grass, bananas, sheep, 50kg maize bags, cages, steel, firewood, other bikes and everything under this sun you could think of.

2) You see the poverty of the people, but how happy most of them are. Their warm hospitality and friendliness makes you really feel welcome to their country. The educated try their best in promoting the country for tourisms and international status while the uneducated keep themselves busy with primitive farming methods. Numerous people, especially in the rural areas does as little as possible, they lay around, watching the traffic go by, sitting and sleeping in the roads and some drink a lot. I wish these people had better conditions to live in. I wish they had a will to work hard and be go getters. I wish they stopped doing nothing and stop begging for money but rather be entrepreneurs themselves! I grew up in an environment that was heading to success: good schools, a good family, the privilege of studying and maintaining a degree from a University. Therefore it’s quite difficult to relate to some of these people and to really understand the few chances they have in life. I have learned one thing and this is a fact: if a country has poor education and poor schools, the country will be poor in so many aspects!

Africa has some of the best the continent has to offer. The DRC is such a rich country with such great mining potential, but the instability makes it so difficult for success and prosperity for the country!

I have such great respect for Riaan Manser.Just to think that he did 36 500km on a bike through Africa all by himself. I think of him and what he has accomplished so many times. I have done 17000km up to now and know that even with a motorbike its tough, can you imagine doing it with a bike?

So many people has been an inspiration to me! Friends and family play a big part in the success of anything you tackle in life!

Most of all, the Lord has sustained me up till now, He has strengthened me and his Grace have kept me and will do forever more! His creation is displayed throughout Africa and is awe inspiring and breathtaking! His provision and help is ever present!

Nkosi Yami  Siakudumisa (Praise the Lord in Zulu)