Below is the stats of almost over 24 000km through Africa:

20 000km of the 24 000km has been ridden on this trip.

Bike: Bajaj Avenger 200cc DTSi, 2009 Model.

Petrol Consumption

Tarmac at average 80km/h: 30 – 34km/l

Gravel at average 45km/h: 38 – 48km/l


Had to replace 2 chains. Life of chain about 7000 – 9000km when also doing a lot of sandy roads.

Had to replace 2 bulbs.

Had to replace the gear speedo meter.

A part of the petrol gauge fell out and had to be replaced


After 24300km on the bike, the tires can go for about 7000 = 10 000km more.

Road conditions

Excellent on tarmac.

Good on gravel while maintaining an average speed.

Bad in sand and most accidents occurred in thick sand.

Very slippery on wet roads


No engine problems thus far as well as no over heating.

Have done stretches without stopping for 120, 138 and 160km.

Short report

Although I had so much fleck fro so many people prior to my departure, the bike really impresses me. I have done some very bad off roads for long stretches. I would estimate that out of the 20 000km I have done about 3500km gravel. It is not a fast bike but perfect for Africa. At 157kg it is very light compared to your big KTM’s and BWW’s with bike weights easilly exceeding 200 -280kg. It’s small and easy to drive through the traffic in the bigger cities. I am really impressed! I have seen other Bajaj motorbikes with well over 25 000km on the clock. One guy also told me of a Bajaj with over 40 000km o the clock!

Bajaj is a champion bike!