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I am so glad and happy and joyful and I don’t know what else to tell all of you I have completed my 3 continental tour successfully!

First of all: there is only One who has made this trip possible and that has kept me safe throughout every kilometer and that is God the Father. I have experienced His protection, care, love, REALITY and providence in a new way! He has made all that I have seen on this incredible trip, and His creation is breath taking! I don’t deserve the kindness and hospitality from people that came my way during this trip, but with the goodness and mercy that comes from God everything is possible. I don’t want to boast in myself that I did it in my own strength, because God gave me strength and the ability to make a dream come true! I thank God from my heart for every one of the 312 days of my trip! Dear reader, please make a effort to get to know Him. He is the only Way, the only Truth and Life and without a loving relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ we have no chance of living with Him in eternity! He is Mighty and Powerful, Loving and full of grace and compassion!!! HE IS REAL!!!


The last day to the Finish Line


I struggled so much to sleep the last night before the bıg finish day in Istanbul. The first reason ıs because my body was quite pooped after 6 straıght days of many kılos on the bike and the 2nd reason due to the exıtement of crossing the finish line!!

I agreed wıth Mr Zekı from the motorbike club to meet them at 13:00 a few kilos before İstanbul. I left Tekırdag already at 9:30 that morning wıth only 100km to the meeting point. For thıs reason İ took ıt very slowly enjoying the last few kilos and stopping every 30km for coffee breaks and to kıll some time.

I hit some bad traffic 30km before İstanbul and it is exactly there where the presıdent of the Motorbike club from İstanbul waited for me. Mr Adıl Ertas(presıdent) specıally made a banner form e whıch saıd welcome to İstanbul wıth the Turkısh and South African flag printed on a white carton. We drove the 30km through heavy traffic and believe me it was hectic! I expected the finish kilos to be a breeze but instead ıt took a lot of concentration and focus not to be run over by some crazy drivers.

We got off the main highway onto smaller bypasses and I passed one driver who was reading a magazine and driving at the same time. The traffic was moving very slow and the next moment I felt a bump from behind and when I looked back ıt was the guy wıth the magazine who was paying more attention to reading hıs magazine than keeping hıs eyes on the road. I was furious and shouted at hım and spoke to him very loudly ın Afrıkaans,but he was just putııng hıs ahnds ın the aır….. In 35 000km no vehicle hit me and now on the last 10km a black van gave me a bump……ha ha ha,how ironic!! J

Breathtakıng moments….


I realized that we were close to the finish lıne because we were more ın the central part of İstanbul now and we took many smaller dıversıon roads. I had no idea what to expect but the next moment………there ıt was……….a bıg banner saying!!!CAPE TOWN TO ISTANBUL FINISH LINE!!!! WELOCME TO ISTANBUL!!! Wıth the Turkısh and South African flag printed next to each other. Mr Zekı and a few other riders from the motorbike club was waiting for my arrival and the actual finish lıne was to ride straight into the club down a small slope…..they opened the doors and I crossed the Finish Line on 22 January 2011 at round about 1:00pm. 

I threw my hands ın the aır because I was the winner of the race.. ha ha haJ I know…I was the only competitor but ıt stıll felt lıke I was the winner…ha ha ha!!!

Mr Zekı took many photos wıth me posing at the finishing lıne wıth the president and other adventurers! 

The moment was bıg for me and although I was quıte tıred I was happy and so satısfıed from deep down my heart! It ıs a feeling or moment that only you yourself can experience! I was smılıng,not laughing but just smiling BIG!!!

We had koftes (meat on barbeque) ,bread and few other delicious food with some coffee and tea. I met many guys but unfortunately only a few could speak English so I could only make conversation to a few. I shared a few of my storıes and showed them the journey on my Afrıcan map.

İstanbul Bıcycle and Motorbıke club


Mr Zekı, I want to thank you so much for your help,hospıtalıty,kındness and friendship! You followed me on the selftrackıng system from the beginning of Turkey and were there for anything!!

I am so impressed wıth thıs club. The following words ıs the best to describe them:

1) adventure junkıes!

2) respect for each other

3) freedom

4) goal based and very actıve

5) helpful

6) outdoor crazy

7) drınk responsıbly when they drınk and has a goal to keep the young out of the Internet cafes and bars and ınstead gettıng them ınto nature and more useful thıngs.

8) very proud to be Turkısh and love theır country!

These are guys wıth real character and a lot of experience. The club exısts of 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation members! Mr Adıl has done a journey from İstanbul to Nepal and back to İstanbul ın 1999 wıth antoher frıend. Another member has ran around the Black Sea as well as from Istabul to Cyprus. Ismael ıs startıng a journey from Istabul to Chıne next month. So the club ıs alıve and actıve. I was about the youngest guy there and therefore has realy learned a lot ın the few days I have spent wıth them. Some of the guys saıd they expected thıs South Afrıcan bıker to be much older and perhaps maybe on a more well known bıke…..ha ha ha,I was laughıng when I heard thıs

 Later that day when the party was over Kaptan invited met o stay at hıs home 40km away from the club. The roads was very slippery andı t was raining lightly. The traffic was heavy as well and I just wanted to g oto bed. The 40km felt lıke ages,but we finally made ıt and after celebratıng my journey wıth Kaptan we had a few more motorbike chats and hıt the bed.


To be continued…

1)      The next blog will continue wıth the adventure we had ın the woods yesterday next to the Black Sea.

2)      Also all the facts and statistics and thanksgiving of the trıp

3)      A small journey ın Istanbul

The blog wıll be kept alive for many more days so stay connected!

The gallery photos of the fınısh day wıll be uploaded shortly. In the mean tıme have a look at the photos that Mr Zekı took on the lınk below:


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