Hi everyone!

This is the last post for my website and the 2wherever trip!

This post is about thanksgiving and a summary for a great trip on a bike!

I would like to thank the following sponsors:

Bajaj Spare parts, training, technical help
Libertad Design of my website
Knight Piesold Financial contribution
Kingdom Builders Financial contribution
Monument Park SPAR Financial contribution
Impact Kitchens A major help in the planning of the trip
Kaegeoz Financial contribution
Veza Selftrack Selftrack  device on motorbike
Outdoor Warehouse Discount on camping equipment
Fishing Pro Shop Fishing tackle
HPM motorcycles Technical help and service of bike
Ndole Bay Lodge (Zambia) Discount on fishing trip


I would like to thank the following people for their tremendous help and support during my trip:

My dad and mom You were my backup team back home! You deserve golden medallions for all the times you saved me in critical situations
Handre (brother) Thanks so much for the website and the technical help concerning the site
My brothers Your support throughout the trip
All my friends Your great and trustworthy support throughout!!
Gerald and Martie Farmer Your inspiration ,ideas and help in planning of the trip
Tsigay Atikilti(Addis Ababa, Ethiopia) Your kindness, sponsor of battery and help with service in Addis Abeba
Mr. Adil,Zeki and the motorbike team in Istanbul Without your help I would still be stuck in Istanbul
Neville My traveling partner for 4 months! We had unforgettable times together! Your companionship was so necessary
Bryan and Liz We traveled together for 2 and a half weeks and had a wonderful time
My cousin For all the excitement and planning of the trip! Things did not work out, but at least we tried!
MP Visiting me in Zambia and the great trip we had with the blue taxi
David The trip we had together
Knight Piesold For giving me one year unpaid leave
Amandla My bike, you made it and have proven so many people wrong!
Locals in all the countries Your hospitality, kindness and help was always there!
Website followers All the people out there who followed my journey. I don’t know all of you but thanks so much!
En route sponsors All the people who gave me free accommodation, meals and warmness of heart!
Jo Advise before and during the trip
Losie de Jager Advise before and during the trip
Francois Advise before and during the trip
Amandla rescuers All the people who helped to free my bike: crossing the Kwanza river in Angola, rescreuning my bike from the wet sand in Pedras Negras,Angola. The crossings of rivers in Zambia etc
Tire fixers All the people out there who helped me to fix my flat wheels. At least now I can fix my own flats!


I hope I remembered everyone!

My trip over 312 days has changed my life in a big way! I know a lot more now about different cultures and people and my eyes have opened to so many things! I is difficult to explain all that I have experienced to my readers, but one cannot share the real life experiences on paper! I have seen such beautiful places and experienced so many things! I am thankful for the opportunity and off course the help from Above! Life is more than just a 8-5 job or a routine life, it is all about ADVENTURE!!

I would like to inspire you to make your dreams come true, to take them from only dreams and turning them into reality! The only one who can do this is YOU! So start planning and start packing!!!

From the head quarters of 2wherever 2010/2011, I greet you and thank you again for the support!


Andon van der Merwe


South Africa

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