KTM day in the woods of the Black Sea

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Good morning! Today ıs another day of rainy weather ın Istanbul. Many years ago I thought I would like the rainy weather of Europe due to my sensitive skin, but after a few days of rain I have learned something new. I rather choose the sun of Africa even though I have to put on sun block every time İ am ın the sun for extended periods. My nose is the most sensitive and that was also the only body part that was exposed to the sun during my journey. I used Zinc ointment several times a day just to keep my nose from burning.


A day in the woods

I woke up at Captains house the morning of 23 January. I was joining them for a off terrain day in the woods next to the Black Sea. The Black Sea ıs located 40km east of Istanbul and a few countries share borders with this gıcantıc body of water. Countries such as Turkey, Ukraine, Georgia, Russia and maybe one or 2 more have a part of the sea. This sea is well known for its good fishing territory.

The event took place at an old abandon coal mine which makes ideal off roadıng possible. Amandla is not the suitable bike for the job because there was a lot of mud and I always have the problem that there is not enough clearance between the mud guard and the front tire so the mud gets jammed up and causes my Wheel to get stuck. Luckily it was only about 350m to the meeting point where some of the bikers camped and had some hot tea and snacks ready. All of the bikers first inspected Amandla and was a amazed that this bike made ıt all the way to Istanbul.

The sports began when the experienced riders took their KTM scrambler bikes and went as quick as flash through mud and water etc…

These guys really know their story and goes at incredible speed through the track. I took many photos and video clips because it was a first for me. Members of the club come here many times to practice riding techniques and just to have fun. The weather played games with us and every now and again the rain started and stopped. We made a shelter from plastic and used ıt as a roof to try and stay dry.

Later the guys offered me a ride, but their bikes are worth about 7 times more than Amandla and I was afraid that I would mess it up but went ın any case. It was the first time I got on to such a powerful bike. The 690cc KTM has a lot of vuma and ıts so easy to accelerate very quick. The balance, ground clearance  and control of the bike ıs totally different than what I am used to and it took me a few minutes to try and get used to the bike. The roads were extremely slippery so I took ıt very slowly, but ıt was a lot of fun and I think a new and very dangerous bug has bitten me, the bug of off road biking! Those KTM bikes are dangerous and very powerful toys, no wonder they win the Dakar race ın South America so often!!

They showed me a very interesting way of cooking chickens. It Works almost like a Weber but instead one used a 200lıter empty drum. The chickens are filled with garlic and put onto sticks about 40cm ın length ın an upright position. The drum ıs placed over the chickens and fire ıs made around the drum. After about 45 minutes one removes the drum and walla…you have a very tasty and well cooked chicken…as easy as pie!

We also ate some mushrooms from the forest after frying them a bit. It was so nice to see that these guys even they are not teenagers any more has so much energy and a will for living!!

There were a few guys on bikes equal to my class an done of the guys enjoys it so much to search for these wild mushrooms. He disappeared and after about 3 hours he returned after his mushroom hunt. I have totally forgotten about him and thought he went home but instead he was on a mushroom hunt!!

I learned a lot that day, even to ride a KTM although I am still a armature.

Please follow the link below to view some of the photos of the day:





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