Pretoria to Istanbul, 42 000km!

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After 10 months and 6 days travelling over 42 000km in 19 countries, 2Weherver has come to a halt for now. Amandla and I saw 3 continents including Africa, Asia and Europe. I am glad to inform you that after 35 000km Amandla (my bike) is still in good condition and has not let me down. It would be pure joy to go back to the pessimists now who told me Amandla would not even make it outside the borders of South Africa.

This journey has impacted my life in a big way! It has opened up my eyes to many things, it has shown me the kindness and goodness of people and how all of us have the same needs. It has shown me how people live and interact with each other. It has also shown me the poverty, but in the same time joy that comes from the heart. Africa and its surroundings have given me a new understanding to the uniqueness of God’s creation. It has made my horizons unlimited for the future and shown me that all things are possible. There is always a way out of situations or solutions to problems. It has tested my patience to the limit in Sudan and I failed the patience test many times…

I have made so many new friends from all different kinds of nationalities. Being far away from home is not always easy, especially if one has great family and friends. I have a greater appreciation for my family and friends now and have also realized how important support from them is!

10 months of travelling was enough for me for now, I have great respect for people travelling the world over periods of more than 3 years….it is a bloody long time! I also have new respect for what Riaan Manser has done with his 36 000km trip around Africa on a bike…WOW!!!

There are more people out there criss crossing Africa than you think. All of the overlanders have the same thing in common: to be free, to explore, to be in the wild and to have great adventure and not being tied up in the ordinary routine way of life. Ones’ character grows and develops when you travel overland.

I love statistics; I hope you do as well. Below are some interesting stats:


The rating that I give here is rating in terms of most enjoyable experiences. Rating is out of 10. 

1.South Africa 8.5  
2.Namibia 9 Beautiful deserts
3.Angola 9 Most adventurous country
4.Botswana 7.5  


My no1 country. Amazing lakes, very tasty fresh water fish, great people, great adventure
6.Zimbabwe 8 Just went over the border on the Kariba dam to check the 3 open floods gates
7.Tanzania 8  
8.Rwanda 8  
9.Uganda 9 2nd most beautiful country
10.Kenya 8  Very much like South Africa
11.Ethiopia 9 Most beautiful country. Most emotionally challenging due to beggars and children throwing rocks.
12.Sudan 7 Very bad government system, needed a lot of patience. Very friendly people, very hospitable and helpful!
13.Egypt 4 Too many touts and scams and tourists
14.Jordan 8  
15.Syria 7.5  
16.Cyprus 7.5  
17.Turkey (Asian side) 8 I could only stay on the Middeteranean coast and could not see the interior, but what i saw was AMAZING!
18.United Arab Emirates 5 I do not like big, developed and populated cities
19.Turkey (European side) 7 Istanbul with 20 million people is too big for me!



  1. Angola
  2. Zambia
  3. Uganda
  4. Ethiopia
  5. Turkey

For more interesting stats, keep reading the blogs for the next few days!

Also check the latest gallery for nice pics!

Cheers and enjoy the weekend!

 Ps. a photo of me in Istanbul on 22 January 2011 crossing the finish line.


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